The Latest & Best No Deposit Bonus Offers in 2022

A no deposit bonus is one of the most elusive and revered bonuses of the online casino world.

We’re going to be taking a look at exactly what a no deposit casino bonus is, what makes it so popular, and how to claim a no deposit bonus.

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What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

Bonus on Registration No Deposit

A no deposit bonus is a bonus whereby players don’t have to lay a single penny on the line to take part in a casino bonus promotion.

The classic adage, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” has never been truer than when it comes to a no deposit bonus casino. The bonus may not require a deposit and you could be granted a Free Spins no deposit bonus, a €5 no deposit bonus, a €10 no deposit bonus, or even a €20 free no deposit bonus. Sounds great, right?

To a certain extent, it is. No deposit bonus casinos do award you with funds to play with but be wary about thinking of this money as ‘free’. The terms and conditions of a casino no deposit bonus will likely include a wagering requirement. A wagering requirement dictates how many times the bonus amount will need to be played through before you can withdraw your balance.

Also called ‘playthrough’, typical wagering requirements could be between 20x and 60x. Expect a no deposit wagering requirement to be at the higher end of the playthrough spectrum. 

Let’s take an example. Say you take part in a €10 no deposit slot bonus, with a wagering requirement of 50x. This means you need to wager €500 to withdraw your €10 euro no deposit bonus.

So, sure, there was no initial financial layout for your online casino bonus but you may need to add funds to meet the wagering requirement. This is how the casino makes money from a no deposit casino bonus.

Some standard key terms when it comes to bonuses include:

  • Wagering requirement
  • Withdrawal limits
  • Game restrictions
  • Bonus codes (more on these in a bit)
  • Time limits
  • Bonus validity period
  • Both winning and losing bets contribute to your wagering requirement

Fully understanding the terms and conditions is crucial to your no deposit casino bonus. Always read these thoroughly and make sure you can complete the wagering within the time limit required. If this is going to be either financially difficult, or you simply don’t have the time to complete the wagering, our advice is to not take part in the bonus at all. You’re probably better off choosing bonuses that require little play money.

Free bonus promotion mechanics (basically, how a bonus works) are generally designed for players that are high wagerers.

As touched upon, there are a number of popular bonus no deposit options when it comes to promotions such as playing at . Let’s take a look at the most commonly found no deposit bonuses.

€5 No Deposit Bonus

At the diminutive end of the no deposit bonus scale, we have the $5 no deposit bonus. This is likely to come with a lower wagering requirement, but also a lower maximum cashout, and a shorter time limit to complete your wagering. Accessible to players who have a lower wagering threshold, this is perfect for the casual player who perhaps plays for no more than a couple of hours per week.

€10 No Deposit Bonus

This bonus will come with a higher wagering requirement, to meet the elevated reward. Cashout limits will be slightly higher than that of a $5 no deposit bonus, with more time to meet your wagering requirement.

€20 No Deposit Bonus

The most generous of no deposit bonuses, the $20 no deposit bonus will come with the highest wagering requirement, and highest cashout limit and provide you with the longest time in which to complete your wagering. The $20 no deposit bonus is suitable for players that enjoy extended periods of gameplay and can therefore meet the wagering requirement with ease.

No Deposit Casino Welcome Bonus

The no deposit casino welcome bonus is for new sign-ups alone and can come in the form of playable funds, Free Spins, or access to prize draws. It’s worth bearing in mind that you can only claim this no deposit bonus once as taking part in a welcome bonus no deposit more than a single time (from the same casino) constitutes bonus abuse.

This is something that you most definitely want to avoid. If players are flagged as bonus abusers, they’re blacklisted from sites and could face legal action. Always check the T&Cs of your chosen bonus closely and carefully.

New No Deposit Bonus

Online casino marketing folk are constantly thinking up innovative ways of engaging players with new bonuses. If you imagine the well of the no deposit casino welcome bonus has been run dry – think again.

Some trends in the world of the new no deposit casino bonus include:

  • VIP no deposit bonuses – reserved for high rollers, the VIP no deposit bonus will usually require a heavy wagering requirement but also provide a higher reward once said wagering has been completed.
  • Loyalty no deposit bonuses – awarded to players that have been playing at a site for a certain length of time, loyalty no deposit bonuses are designed for players that usually play on a single site and play a lot.
  • Highest wagering no deposit bonuses – this bonus is again one for high rollers. A no deposit highest wagering bonus is awarded monthly to players with the highest playthrough at a casino, and usually takes the form of a leaderboard.

New No Deposit Casinos

The newest no deposit casinos are listed below. When opting for a newly minted casino, always be on the lookout for legislative seals from authorities.

How to Claim No Deposit Bonuses?

Signup Bonus No Deposit

So, this is how you claim a no deposit bonus. It’s worth noting that every casino has a slight twist on the sign up process, although they’re really much of a muchness. If they’re authorised by a recognised authority, you can ensure that your casino is the smart choice. Follow these steps to claim your reward at a free welcome bonus no deposit required casino:

  1. Sign up to the casino. You’ll be required to input the following information:
    • Full name
    • Address
    • Date of birth
    • Gender (sometimes)
  2. Provide a photo of a government-issued identity document such as your passport or driving licence.
  3. Await for verification to be completed.
  4. Go to a section named something along the lines of ‘Promotions’, ‘Bonuses’, or ‘Rewards’.
  5. Read the T&Cs carefully.
  6. Select your no deposit bonus and click on a button that will be worded as ‘Opt in’ or ‘Claim bonus’.
  7. Go forth and enjoy both your no deposit reward and your chosen casino's game collection.

Free bonuses

A free cash bonus no deposit casino, as we’ve covered, comes with some important caveats: wagering requirements, time limits, and cash out limits. So, is this technically free? Let’s take a closer look.

Is No Deposit Gambling Free?

We all know that the word ‘free’ comes a close second to ‘99p’ in marketing lingo. Certainly, there’ll be no financial outlay for your no deposit bonus. But you may have to deposit to complete your wagering requirement unless, of course, you get very lucky with whichever no deposit bonus you’re awarded. 

Many casinos are very careful in how they reword ‘free’. This is due to the fact that gambling commissions justifiably take exception to terms that are inaccurate or misleading. Let’s look at ‘Free Spins’ as an example.

Free Spins

Free spins at online casinos should be exactly that they should not require a deposit or transfer of your balance to take part in the promotion. Online casinos are very sensitive as to how their Free Spin promotions are worded and variations include:

  • Bonus spins
  • Extra spins
  • Super spins
  • [Casino name] spins

Online casinos have often been perceived as dishonest online operations, but this is incredibly far from the truth. All good and proper casinos will have a responsible gambling department dedicated to fair and just online gambling.

Free cash bonus

Be very wary if you see a casino offering a ‘free cash bonus’. This wording is inaccurate and the language used would not fulfil the UKGC or any other gambling authority’s requirements. 

Firstly, the reason this is misleading is that you’re not receiving cash. In an ideal gaming world, you’d sign up for a ‘free’ cash bonus and twenty quid would pop out of your USB drive. This, of course, is impossible. Avoid any promotion advertising a ‘free cash bonus’ like the plague.

Casino Bonus No Deposit

No Deposit Bonus Codes

Often, on third-party casino sites, you can find no deposit bonus codes. These are codes used to encourage new players to sign up to a casino. No deposit casino bonus codes for existing players can also be unearthed and can often be found on forums, the site itself, or sites specifically designed to provide bonus codes for players.

It’s always worth doing some research, and if you can find a bonus code, take note and assess whether this casino's promotion is suitable for you. 

Pros and Cons of No Deposit Bonus

There are two sides to every coin, and the same goes for no deposit bonuses, even at some of the world’s top casinos. Let’s get intimate with the advantages and disadvantages of the no deposit bonus.


  • No financial outlay.
  • Provides players with an opportunity to explore both the site and game catalogue with real money.
  • The opportunity to win real money.


  • Potentially used by shady operators to lure in new players.
  • Wagering requirements will need to be met.
  • Time limits and cashout limits apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a no deposit bonus without signing up?

Unfortunately not. All no deposit bonuses will require sign up and verification. Should you discover a casino advertising a no-sign up, no deposit bonus, run a mile. This is most definitely a scam.

Are there any no deposit bonuses for mobile?

Very much so. Every no deposit casino bonus that you enjoy on a desktop, laptop, or tablet can also be played on mobile. With the majority of gaming taking place on mobiles these days, it’d be foolish for casinos to overlook this money-spinning handheld device.

Can I win real money with a no deposit bonus?

Most definitely. As long as the terms and conditions of the promotion have been fulfilled, this will be transferred to your online casino bank balance as funds you’re able to withdraw.

Is no deposit money real money?

It’s real money in that it appears in your bonus balance. No deposit rewards only become withdrawable funds once all the bonus terms and conditions have been met.

Can I withdraw a no deposit bonus?

You can only withdraw a no deposit bonus once all bonus terms have been fulfilled. Namely:

  • Wagering requirement.
  • Time limits.
  • Cash out limits.
How does a no deposit bonus work?

A no deposit bonus works by providing players with a bonus without financial outlay. The casino recoups this reward by imposing restrictions on the bonus – most importantly, a wagering requirement.